Area 15: The fight in South Albania (continued)

  1. Major General De Veer with VIPs from Berat (IMG, The Hague)
  2. Bridge at Berat (IMG, The Hague)
  3. Exposing a mass grave near Kodra (IMG, The Hague)
  4. Church at Kodra, probably with Captain De Iongh (IMG, The Hague)

Major General De Veer went on inspection in the hinterland of Vlorë/Valona in April 1914. Among his stops, he visited Berat and consulted with various important people of the monumental city (A). The outlines of the Christian citadel can be seen in the background. An Ottoman bridge links the muslim lower city with the christian quarter (B). At the beginning of May, he moved quickly to the city of Tepelenë. When a corps of Albanian gendarmerie under the command of Major De Waal and Captain Sonne approached, comitadjis had lured men from the muslim village of Hormovo to Kodra (in the Vijose Valley facing Tepelenë) and killed them there. Forty men were said to have been locked in a church and shot by men firing through the roof and the windows. A commission led by De Veer investigated the incident for the International Control Commission and filed a report. Approximately 200 partially mutilated corpses were exhumed (C). In the church, investigators found traces of blood and bullet holes; spent small-arms cartridges were found on the roof (D). The photograph probably shows Captain De Iongh, De Veer’s aide-de-camp, in the middle.