Area 7: The battle of Shkodër

  1. Shkodër/Scutari (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  2. Fragment of an Ottoman army map, Shkodër and environs, ±1900) (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  3. Mountain fortifications west of Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  4. Turkish positions near Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)

Thomson interrupted his observing duties on the Greek/Albanian front for several weeks and on 31 January 1913 arrived in Montenegro where he met the Dutch war correspondent Jan Fabius. In Montenegro, efforts were underway to bring new vigour to the ongoing siege of Scutari/Shkodër. The trading city (A) is located very strategically on the southeast point of the lake of the same name (B). The city is protected to the north by marshes, to the southeast by rivers and to the west by Mount Tarabosh, which rises approximately 600 metres from the lake (C). Fabius accompanied the division commanded by the Montenegran crown prince through the flat terrain while Thomson accompanied the coastal division en route to Tarabosh. On 9 February, the Montenegran and the Serbian support troops were again forced to suspend action, having suffered approximately 4,000 dead and wounded. The defenders of the garrison town lost more than 1,300 men, but the Turkish positions remained impregnable (D).