Area 8: The battle of Shkodër (continued)

  1. Veiled muslim women of Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  2. Upper-class roman catholic women of Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  3. Upper-class muslim woman in traditional dress (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  4. Upper-class roman catholic woman with face veil (S/T Collection, Leiden)

In 1900, this capital of North Albania counted 36,000 inhabitants: 60% Muslim, 30% Roman Catholic and 10% Eastern Orthodox. Among the Albanian mountain tribes to the east of the city, the ratio of Roman Catholics to Muslims was reversed. Veiled muslim women (A) were often referred to as Turkish women, even though most of them did not speak Turkish. Upper-class roman catholic women are shown here in their Sunday best (B). An upper-class muslim woman from the country wearing her own traditional dress (C). The ‘Turkish fashion’ of face veils is also popular among upper class roman catholic women (D).