Area 9: The battle of Shkodër (continued)

  1. Coffee house in Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  2. Shoemaker’s shop in Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  3. Montenegran observation post near Shkodër (S/T Collection, Leiden)
  4. Essad Pasha (Albania, visage des Balkans, Paris 1995)

The terrace in front of the coffee house (A) shows some of Shkodër’s more ‘folksy’ characters. Notice the bare feet. Many people apparently did not have enough money for the shoemaker (B). Although the city remained impregnable, Montenegrans (C) and Serbians increasingly cut it off from resupply. Breaking out was impossible and ammunition, fuel and food had to be rationed; horses were slaughtered for food. The city commander, Essad Pasha (D), who would later be Thomson’s adversary, was faced with a terrible dilemma: surrender or starve.