13. The Jewish Diaspora

In the previous two centuries the areas of settlement and the (relative) size of the Jewish population in the world have been radically altered. Firstly through the mass migration from the late nineteenth century until the middle of the twentieth, from Europe and Russia to the United States in particular. Then, because of the immense tragedy of the Shoah which destroyed Jewish life and culture, particularly in Germany and eastern Europe (about 75% of the 140,000 Jews in The Netherlands were also murdered). Finally because of the founding of the State of Israel in 1948 and its later development. The cartograms in the insets (bottom left) show that about 1800 the large majority of Jews lived in Europe and Russia, but that by the end of the twentieth century the great majority lived in the USA and Israel.

The Jewish Diaspora, in: Jeanne O

The Jewish Diaspora, in: Jeanne O’Brien & Martin Palmer, The State of Religion Atlas, London 1993